RCR ministries

Welcome to RCR Ministries

.....God is always at work, revealing His love and the truth of His Word.  There has been an awaking to who our Triune God is.  He has set us on a new path, one free from religion and legalism.  Our journey started years ago and reveals God’s never ending grace for us.  Because of this we have chosen not to remove old messages contained in our website, but add the new as this is the testimony of journeying with Jesus.

.....We now see the incredible love of our Triune God and just how awesome They are.  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have an amazing relationship with each other and they have made a way for us to participate in that love relationship.

.....Join us as we try to articulate this love that comes from a God Who IS love.  It goes beyond my ability to express but we will continue to have this conversation anyway.  God is good all the time.  Anything outside of that is not God.

.....And, if you are led, come join us on Sunday mornings (and more) as we gather together at Jesus Journey Church to fumble our way around this gracious God and allow Them to enlighten us to Their plans for the human race.  By the way, the plans are good as well.

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RCR Ministries mission is to:

.....Glorify God, bring truth to a confused generation, hope to a hurting world, and life to a dying population.  To teach people about the goodness of God and His undying unconditional love for His creation, His passion for each of us individually, His desire for us collectively, His direction for us universally, and His power availability.

.....God is trying to give us a course correction.  He wants it globally but administers it individually.  By changing a heart and mind He can change a people group and ultimately change the course of the world.  Jesus Christ has built for us a solid foundation which we can build a solid, productive, fun-filled, joyous life and world upon.

.....By teaching Biblical truth and motivating people into their God given destiny the will of our Creator will manifest in a safer, healthier, and blessed environment for all mankind.